Holiday Decorating

Christmas Decorating Ideas

With the holidays creeping up on us quickly, I thought I would pass along a few fun and quick holiday interior decorating ideas.

Christmas Vases
These are very versatile and can flow with what you have already set up around your house for the holidays. You can fill these vases with:

  • Wintery items like pine cones, evergreen boughs, and holly. If you want a bit of glitz, take it a step further and add a little spray paint, glue, glitter.
  • brightly colored ornaments (use some of your own ornaments especially if your tree has a few too many!)
  • candy

Along those same lines is the Cranberry Flower Frog.

  • Use hard cranberries as support to hold stems of flowers in place (like you would if you were using rocks or marbles). Cover the cranberries with water. It lasts around a week.

With fruit in mind, a pomander is pretty fun to make as well.

  • Use a rubber band to make an even ring of whole cloves around an orange or grapefruit (some people do 3 or 5 rows). Martha Stewart says that if you shake each orange in a pomander in a plastic bag of powdered orris root and give a good shake, these pomanders can last up to a year. They smell good to boot!

Happy Holidays from Cheek Interiors! We are always here for your interior design needs.

(images from marthastewart.com)


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