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Home Accessories – Adding Style with Easy Changes


In lieu of working on some homes editing recently, I thought I would pass along a few tips to help you accessorize your home:

  1. Go Seasonal
    Get inspiration from Mother Nature.  What better way to have an already made pallet? And you can save money by gathering your own (or shopping at the grocery store – lemons and limes in a glass bowl or live flowers).
  2. Pull Up a Stool
    Stools are the perfect spot to perch or place a tray with drinks. Our ottoman doubles as a seat, table, and even a foot rest when mom has her back turned.
  3. Pile On Pillows
    the addition of pillows can allow you to add touches of color and patterens to the rooms. One wonderful thing about pillows is that they are super easy to change out. And if you opt for a few basic pillow shapes/sizes, you can just change out the cover for optimal flexibility and ease of storage!
  4. Use Multiples/Mirror items
    One easy, cheap trick for accessories is to use multiples of little things. You can see this with the use of silver vases on the shelves. You can also mirror items. The chevron jars are the most blatant use of this, but you can see it in the photography they are paired with too. That same idea is carried down to the 3rd shelf – silver frames, books, tall dark frames, and though the coral and artwork in complementary shapes.
  5. Arrange Artful Displays
    The trick to finishing a room is to organize accessories around similar colors and to display like objects with like objects. On this living room mantel, you can see the accessories have a similar rustic quality, while other groups are bright and silvery for a touch of the modern.

Now of course, if you want your home to have a put together look, but don’t have the time, Cheek Interiors can help with home accessorizing – whether we edit or add. It makes such a difference to use the right finishing touches. Let us help you find the perfect pieces for your space! Contact us today and see what interior design services we can offer you!

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