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Spring Cleaning? Try Spring Revamping!

Warm weather is here, and everyone is getting the winter blues out of their homes. The most obvious way to do this is with the obligatory spring cleaning list. We all know it, and most of us hate it (at least until all of it done and you get to enjoy the rest of the season).

But at Cheek Interiors, we know that there are other things you can do to freshen up your house and help it shake off the winter blues.

  1. Fresh Paint – This is one of the most cost-effective face lifts you can do for your house. But often people are faced with many questions. What color? Accent wall or no accent wall? Partial wallpaper? What about existing furniture? Cheek Interiors can help you with color scheme selections to brighten your room and help create a space that is perfectly you.
  2. Window Treatments – This is another easy way to update your home. After time, curtains fade and get dusty bringing an overall drab feeling to your room. Window treatments in the form of new curtains, valances, and so forth, can refresh, add style, and update all at once. Why not do the paint and the window treatments all at once and get your room closer to that perfect space right away. Cheek Interiors designs and fabricates window treatments just for you and your space.
  3. Modernize your Lighting – This is not always the cheapest update for your house – even for DIYer’s – but it does go a long way to update and modernize your space. Have you ever been in a house with the original 1970’s fixtures? If you have, you know it. New lighting fixtures can help you get a more contemporary feel in your house, enhance mood through dimmer switches, or add some dynamic flair with track lighting to spotlight certain areas. At Cheek, we can help with light fixture selection and replacement.

There are other great things you can do for spring cleaning, like getting out the spring cleaning list, your rubber gloves, and a little elbow grease or even planting some new flowers in the garden/flower bed.

But while you do that, why don’t you invite Cheek Interiors over to revamp your space with some new color schemes/fresh paint, window treatments, and new lighting. Cheek can even help accessorize your room with the procurement and placement of accessories.



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