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Home Trends 2012

So, you survived the holidays, put away all those decorations and now want to freshen up your interior design. With 2012 in full swing let’s look at what will be “hot” for home interiors this year.

Pantone, the color industry leader, has named “Tangerine Tango” the Color of the Year for 2012. This great color is a “vivacious and appealing reddish orange” tone. You will find it popping up more and more in home decor as well as fashion. It’s a great accent tone when paired with creams, browns and camel.
Other colors that still thrive this year are purple tones, grays and greens.

Mixing decor materials can be challenging but the affect will give your home charm, depth and character. Some great combinations to consider are natural stone with shiny metals, leather with glass and wood with soft fabrics. Layering texture is good to remember when using monochromatic design themes – a palette of all whites, creams and browns is beautiful, but more interesting if texture is applied.

Mirrors are an easy way to create that illusion of more space and light in a room. Over sized mirrors will be the trend and can be found in all styles from ornate traditional to sleek modern. Mirrored tiles and mirrored furniture are still popular and mix well with any decor style.

Wallpaper is slowly making a comeback and the 70’s inspired prints are great! The graphic prints combined with modern color can set the tone for a room or be a bold statement in a small powder room or hallway. I even love the thought of using a touch of it in the back of a bookcase. Warning: handle these patterns with care. If you select the bold pattern for your wall choose your furnishings carefully!!

“Up-cycled” industrial materials are showing up everywhere in home design. Scrubbed wood tables with metal edging, “factory” metal stools with raw finishes, over sized pendant lighting and interesting metal objects as accessories. This look can be achieved through flea market finds if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. A little ingenuity can add a fun conversation piece to your room.

Vintage fabrics, handmade embroidered pillows, tribal prints, Moroccan inspired lighting – add some culture to your interiors. Again, the layering of these keeps your room from getting stale. These are accents you can change out with your furniture and keep the look fresh.

Let Cheek Interiors assist you with a room update or color consultation. It’s amazing what can happen with fresh perspective!

Best Wishes for a bold, wonderful, inspiring 2012!



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